Why you should play in a Pokemon TCG pre-release

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We are just a few weeks away now from the pre-release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, bringing in a new era of the Pokemon trading card game with the return of the “ex” mechanic, new Pokemon from the Paldea region and new trainer cards. We here at Geeks headquarters are so excited for this, and here’s some reason you should come along toone of our pre-release events.

Get hands on with the new cards

Part of improving as a Pokemon player is getting to grips with new tactics, mechanics and Pokemon, so surely, coming to a pre-release to get hands on with these a few weeks before general release makes perfect sense.

In the new set, Arven, Beach Court and Electric Generator will play a huge part of the game, forming the base of the Miraidon deck that should become the new meta deck. On top of this, the return of “ex” pokemon will see the game be slown down a touch, something players will have to get used to after the fast paced days of Pokemon V, VMax and Vstar. Miraidon ex is already proving to be popular in Japan and Gardevoir ex should be popular in competition decks too.


A chance to make new friends

Part of the Pokemon tcg experience lies in making friends and playing at a pre release is a great way to do this.Pre release events bring in  variety of people all with one common love, Pokemon. Our shop staff member, Kieran, playhed at his first pre release last year, with this being his first one running one, and he made plenty of friends at that event.


Great for new players

With a shorter format of just four prize cards, pre release games are the perfect place to learn the game in a fun and friendly atmosphere. What’s more, with a lot of pre release decks being mostly comprised of single prize Pokemon, this is a great chance to learn the very basics of the game, before going on to learn about “ex” and “V” mechanics.

All the details about our upcoming pre-release events can be found on our Facebook page!

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