The Beauty of Mew

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Cast your eyes across any of the most recent regional Pokémon championships submitted deck lists and you will easily see what the most popular deck in the game currently is; Mew Vmax.

Offering players a control build and a damage build, Mew Vmax is perhaps the most fun deck in play right now, and also one of the cheapest on the market.


With the damage build running three of Mew V and Mew Vmax, with four Genesect, this is a deck for the money conscious Pokemn TCG player. Mew V can be picked up for £5 in store, with Mew Vmax costing £10 when in stock. Genesect V's cost  £2.50 a piece. Meloetta's are floating around the market for as cheap as 50p and fusion stirke energies can be packed in the Fusion Strike set booster pakcs in store.

The beauty of the Mew V max deck is it’s simplicity. Use Genesect V’s Fusion Strike System ability to draw cards up to the same number of Fusion Strike Pokémon you have in play (for example, if you have four Fusion Strike Pokémon in play with two cards in hand, you can draw two cards). Cram-a-matic can then be used to thin your hand and search for supporters like Elesa’s Sparkle, which allows you to attach up to two Fusion Strike energies to two different Pokémon in play. 

With it’s free retreat, you can easily switch Mew’s in-play, forcing your opponent into a game of whack-a-mole (or whack-a-mew in this case) in their bid for prize cards. Meloetta can also be subbed in to protect your main attacker, and with a Fusion Strike and either a V guard or capture energy attached, can unleash 70 damage for each Fusion Strike energy in play with Melodious echo, and should it be taken out, is only worth one prize.

Lost Vaccum and Lost City provide support, allowing you to take your opponents attackers out of play, whilst also stopping them from using that pesky “Path to the Peak” stadium to stop your Genesect’s draw power. Power tablet and choice belt give your attacks an added 30 damage, which can be the difference between a One hit KO or giving your opponent the chance to take three prizes.

Item locking can also be an issue, with the only real way to avoid it to be taking out the offending pokemon, usually Vikevolt V, with either a techno blast attack or a fully charged melodious echo.  Boss’ Orders can help to prevent this (prevention is always better than the cure) by keeping Vikevolt on your opponent’s bench or bringing it in once you have the power necessary to KO it.

The end goal is simple, get a Meloetta in play, get all four Fusion Strike energies in play and charge Mew Vmax up with either a DTE or two fuion strike energies and a choice belt. Once that’s done (bearing in mind this can be done in one or two turns depending on if you have a good opening draw), you are are going to be a handful for any opponent.

Cards to consider adding:

Radiant Jirachi: Everybody’s favourite “Shiny Boi” can easily be charged up to attack with a double turbo energy, allowing you to use Astral Misfortune for an instant KO (with a bit of luck). Jirachi’s “Entrusted Wishes” ability will also let you search for three cards once it’s knocked out, and will only give your opponent one prize card. Valued at £1-2, this is a cheap but deadly addition to any deck. Radiant Jirachi can be picked up in sore for just a pound currently.

Drapion V (LOR 118): Get the edge in a Mew mirror match with a Drapion V. The Lost Origin version of the card has an ability which allows it to attack for one less energy for each Fusion, Single or Rapid Strike Pokémon your opponent has in play, and given that Mew is mainly made up of Fusion Strike monsters, you won’t be wasting energies on this beast. Just to double down on this, Drapion’s Dynamic Style attack does 190 damage plus 60 to one of your Pokémon, meaning it will instantly KO a Mew Vmax with it’s weakness to dark Pokémon. Drapion V can be picked up for a couple of pounds right now, and with the popularity of Mew, is worth keeping in your back pocket.Another bonus budget card, Drapion V is available in store at a pound.

Hoopa V: With it’s ability to be either a psychic or dark Pokémon depending on your needs, Hoopa V is a definite consideration for a Mew Deck. The fusion strike Pokémon needs two dark and one colourless energy for attacks, but given it can be powered with fusion strike energies, that should mean it can be prepared to attack quickly. Once again, this is a dark Pokémon that can one hit KO a Mew Vmax, earning you a quick three prizes. Wehn in stock, Hoopa V is avaiable for just a pound as a single card.

For a full deck list follow the link below.

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