Special Events week commencing 11th December 2023

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On Sunday this week GHQ will be hosting a Pokemon win a box. Entry is £10 with registration from 10am with play beginning at 11am!

The winner of this event event will go home with a box of Paradox Rift, the perfect early Christmas present.

The tournament will be played with swiss rounds and mixed divisions.

Sunday will also see our Christmas Charity Yu-Gi-Oh! Christmas Charity Event 2023!

Instead of an entry fee, every player brings exactly 3 different cans of food (400g minimum). These cans become their lifelines; one of which is put forward each round they play.
The winner of the match gains the loser's can. When a player has no cans remaining, they are eliminated from the tournament and will receive one OTS pack as a consolation prize.
At the end of the tournament, Duelists exchange their collected cans for the same amount of OTS Packs. The OTS Member then donates all cans of food collected to a non-profit organisation of their choice.

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