What cards could dominate Scarlet and Violet pre-release?

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We are just days away from the much anticipated Scarlet and Violet pre-release, with the first pre-release at Geeks Headquarters on the 18th March.

With antiipation comes speculation of what cards could be dominant in the 40 card deck format, so here's what we expect to be doing the business.


For three colourless energy, Wugtrio will let you flip three coins, with each heads discarding the top three cards of your opponents deck. That's a lot of cards from your opponents deck being binned, especially when you factor that after their first hand, prizes and two draws for turn they will be down to 26 cards at a very minimum. With plenty of cards being brought in to the game that can accelerate energy, you could be having your opponents decked out in three turns with a bit of luck.

Miraidon ex

Another new pokemon introduced in the latest video games, Miraidon ex will be making it's Pokemon TCG debut this weekend. Having already been played quite a lot in Japan who recieved S&V a few months ago.

With it's tandem unit abilty allowing you to serach for two basic electirc Pokemon and play them straight to bench, and a attack that deals 220 damage (enough to one hit KO a lot of pokemon in this set), Miraidon could well be very popular, but with that being said, it's counter part might be more popular....

Koraidon ex

Imagine the scene, your opponent has a full bench set up through Miraidon ex, with the big electric type leading the way. You play Koraidon ex to the field and your opponents heart will sink. Koraidon is the perfect first turn pokemon to set up, with it's ability allowing you to attach two fighting energy from your discard to any fighting pokemon, with the caviat being it ends your turn, however, with a bit of luck, this could mean by turn two Koraidon is perfectly set up to hit Wild Impact, landing 220 damage (or 440 to an electric type Pokemon) gifting you at least one prize card!

Let us know what you are hopeing to pul in your pre-release kit in the comments.

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